I'm a Shopping Expert—30 New Pieces I'd Recommend to Anyone Who'll Listen

As a Who What Wear UK editor specifically focused on finding the very best shopping buys for you, I spend an awful lot of time scrolling through brands’ new-in sections. And when I’m not combing websites for standout pieces, I’m usually in-store trying them on, which means I get an even better idea of what new things are actually worth buying. I feel the fabrics and get to grips with the fits and detailing, all of which helps me recommend only top-tier products when I write these articles.

I come across so many great pieces, but some are just better than others—like, next-level good. And those are usually the pieces that end up on my own wish list (and often in my own wardrobe, too). So I thought I’d create a space here to collate all these truly amazing new-in buys each month and pass on the knowledge of what a fashion editor is actually considering buying for herself.



Michaela Efford

These days, everyone’s purses are tighter than usual, so I’m here to cut through the noise of the overcrowded industry and report back to you on the new-in pieces that are truly worth spending your hard-earned money on. They might be timeless investments that will elevate your outfits for many years to come, or they might be more affordable, joyful pieces that are worth buying purely for the smile they bring every time you wear them. Fashion should still be fun, after all.

Personally, I’m always on the lookout for pieces that make my outfits look the most stylish and expensive with as little effort as possible, so you’ll find a lot of easy but chic pieces below. Versatility also plays a huge part in the elimination process when I’m thinking about whether something is worth buying. If I can dress it up and down and layer it up to wear in all seasons, I know I’ll get more wear out of it, so it’s a winner.




Keep scrolling, then, and you’ll find the 30 new things I’m currently obsessed with. Any one of them would add worth to your wardrobe, and you can have full confidence that I’m either saving up for, dreaming of, or wearing these pieces right now. 

Shop the 30 New-In Pieces Really Worth Your Money

Made with organic cotton, this jacket feels and looks so expensive in real life.

The perfect chunky sandals you’ll pull out each spring and summer for years to come. 

I’m switching my black wide-leg trousers for more neutral tones for the warmer weather. I’ll wear these with a ribbed vest all summer. 

Fashion people all have this classic bag on their wish lists. 

Meghan Markle just wore a similar black bouclé jacket and looked so chic. 

I live in linen shirts from now until the start of winter. 

The cream version of this shirt was a sell-out last year, and I’ve regretted not buying it ever since. 

A black swimsuit is timelessly flattering, and I always recommend Hunza G to all my friends. 

So many fashion people have recommended these jeans to me as the perfect pair. 

I just invested in this perfect spring jacket, and it makes even the most simple basics look expensive. 

I plan on wearing smart linen trousers to the office all summer. 

the Frankie Shop’s blazers are widely recognised in the industry as the best. 

If it’s possible to fall in love with a handbag, it’s happened with this new Loewe style. 

A beautiful dress for everything from weekends to weddings. 

I tend to invest in one designer dress that I truly love each year, and this is my choice for 2022. 

These striped jeans are the kind of thing that make any outfit look cool. 

When I first saw this dress, I was convinced it was designer. 

This is such a pretty blouse to dress up jeans. 

This is such a timeless dress to pull out every year. 

Everyone I know in fashion is obsessed with classic striped shirts right now. 

I love this silky-blue style. 

I always think black dresses look very chic in the summer. 

Maxine Eggenberger, our acting assistant editor, just bought these and told me they’re so comfortable. 

I’m not normally one for being organised and buying things in advance, but these shorts are bound to sell out by summer, so I added them to my wardrobe last week. 

This is such a gorgeous colour and an easy-to-wear shape. 

A good basket bag is a summer essential for me, and I’m on the lookout for one that’s big enough to throw everything in. This is my current top choice. 

I’m very into all waistcoat outfits right now. 

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