I Challenge You Not to Swoosh Around in These Beautiful Maxi Dresses



I have many, many dresses in my wardrobe. Some are short-sleeved; some are long. Some are printed; others are colour-block. But even the most dedicated collector can have gaps in their collection, and admittedly, there's one specific style I've been neglecting: maxi dresses. 

I put this down to my 5' 3" frame and the lack of spare time to get to the tailor, but I've always found shopping for maxi dresses somewhat of a chore. As such, I tend to stick to midis and minis, which require zero alterations. Lately, however, my head has been turned by the plethora of pretty maxi dresses my favourite influencers have been wearing to usher in the summer months.

Best Summer Maxi Dresses: @basma_k



It's easy to see the sudden appeal of a maxi dress. For the most part, they keep you covered, which is ideal for the changeable weather we're currently experiencing. Still, the attraction goes way beyond practicality—there's something downright fabulous about wearing a maxi dress. My guess is all the swooshing potential. After a couple of years spent dressing for comfort and very little else, I'm all for wanting to feel fancy in my clothes again. 

Best Summer Maxi Dresses: @oliviamarcus



So I set out to find the best summer maxi dresses out there for every style and budget. Below, you'll find the fruits of my labour—29 maxi dresses so beautiful you'll be tempted to burn your joggers. Scroll below to see them, and I guarantee you'll fall back in love with dresses again. 


Let’s kick things off with classic black; I particularly like the covered buttons on this option. 

So sleek, not to mention frugal. 

This would make for a beautiful minimalist wedding guest look. 

Cut-outs in an orange shade? This dress is atop of the trends. 

This will wear just as well with a leather biker and trainers as it will SPF and sandals. 

Tie-back dresses don’t get more stunning than this. 

Finding good crochet on a budget is hard—at least, it’s usually hard. 

I’ll always have a spot spot for floral embroidery. 

The ruffles, the sleeves, the gathered skirt—this dress is show-stopping. 

Have your own Pretty Woman moment in this brown and beige spotty creation. 

Dress this silky dress down with chunky velcro sandals, or elevate it with metallic heels. 

Just add tan sliders and a basket bag. 

Selkie’s dresses are fairytales come true. 

COS is really nailing it with its dresses this summer. Just wow. 

This makes me want to book a beach holiday pronto. 

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