Quantivize Health


Quantivize Health provides an employee health tracking platform for companies to incentivize employees based on calorie-burning goals set.

Enrolled employees log their workouts manually or by hooking up their wearables to the Quantivize app. Through the use of Apple Health & Google Fit (for the iOS and Android apps, respectively), Quantivize syncs workouts and monitors progress towards a monthly calorie-burning goal (fully customizable at the company level).

Companies can set up monthly goals for employees to achieve in exchange for monetary incentives. For example: burn 10,000 a month, earn $50.


  • Our team became involved with Quantivize Health at the ground level, and helped their founding team take Quantivize from an idea to MVP of both iOS and Android apps, Our relationship is in its third year, and we continue to partner with the Quantivize team to roll out new features on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • We completely developed both iOS and Android apps as per the client requirements, providing them a platform to keep a track of the health of the employees.
  • The applications syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit applications to feed user data into the Quantivize application.
  • To get accurate data from other applications, respective APIs were integrated.
  • An easy-to-understand UI was designed to make it intuitive for companies to set goals and simple for employees to earn money.

CLIENT: Quantivize Health

TECHNOLOGY: Android SDK, Swift/iOS, PHP, AWS, Firebase, MySQL, Google Fit, Fitbit API, Apple Health