21 Medium Length Layered Haircut Looks to Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

We've all been there at some point. You're thinking of changing up your hairstyle with a new chop, but if you've got longer hair you might not want to take your hair too far our of your comfort zone. Equally, if you've got shorter hair you might be thinking of growing it out, but want to avoid that awkward in-between phase as your transition the length. Thankfully, we've spotted so many medium length layered haircuts on our feeds, and they are so versatile.

“Medium length haircuts with layers are the ultimate failsafe look,” says Jemma Mewies, salon co-owner at Mewies & Co.“It’s perfect because it’s never too drastic, therefore if you’ve had long hair for a long time but perhaps get some anxiety around having your hair cut, it’s such an easy transition. Alternatively, if you’re growing out your shorter hair, medium length is normally an achievable length to reach," she adds.

A mid-length cut is also flattering for all face shapes and still gives you the versatility to style your hair in several ways, explains Jemma. "Medium length hair is perfect for having for updos as well as wearing it down, without being too long, too heavy or too short to put up," she says. Low maintenance haircuts? We're here for it.

Braids, waves, texture, sleek, and shaggy looks are all achievable without being too much work, adds Jemma, making medium length layered hair a great option for all hair types and textures. "It’s such a versatile look, with the added bonus of needing a lot less product than longer hair, and even some shorter hair, requires," says Jemma.

Read on for all the hair inspo you need for your next salon visit.

1. 90s Supermodel Flips

"Flicky or flippy ends are having a real resurgence, it’s a trend that feels like it’s been gone for a while so it feels really fresh, clean and perfect to add a little spring to your step," says expert hairstylist Larry King. "It takes inspiration from the 60s, but with a more modern smoothed down finish and just a little lift at the crown. It feels young, modern and energetic and works brilliantly on a jaw length bob."



Ask your hairstylist for face-framing layers and use a straightening iron through the lengths of the hair, before curling inwards or outwards at the tips.



Switch up your parting a la Winnie Harlow for a twist on flippy ends.

Get the look:

A hair straightening iron is your fastback to flippy ends in a flash.

2. The French Girl Fringe

The French girl fringe pairs so well with medium length hair and layers. This piecey fringe works well with your natural hair texture to look totally effortless. Paired with layers this haircut grows out well too.

A curly French girl fringe looks incredible on textured hair.


Want a stronger fringe? This visor fringe looks so cool.

Get the look:

This hair cream adds cool girl texture to layers.

3. The Shag



With 70s-inspired hair here to stay, we love how the choppy layered shag haircut adds volume and shape to curly hair.



Lots of layers in a shag haircut create great body and movement.



A shag haircut is great on medium length hair, and the feathery, razor-cut layers add volume to fine hair.

Get the look:

Add definition to your layers with this conditioning hair balm.

4. Medium Length Braids



If you usually go for longer braids, switching to shoulder length can refresh your look. 



We love these medium length box braids with loose ends.


Jaw-length braids look so chic. Switch it up with a side parting.

Get the look:

Protect curls and coils with this deeply hydrating hair oil.

5. The Lob



Fancy the idea of a bob, but intimidated by a big chop? The lob – or long bob – is for you. This haircut is usually cut on the jawline or slightly below.



Kim K's glossy lob has framing layers to add dimension and body.

A lob paves the way for effortless texture and body on finer hair.

Get the look:

Make the most of shorter layers with a texturising spray to enhance your natural texture.

6. Face-Framing Layers



When in doubt, face-framing layers will instantly add polish to medium length hair. Your hairstylist can guide you on the best layers to enhance your features.

We love this bouncy curtain fringe with face framing layers.



Alicia Key's shorter layers give body and shape to her natural hair.

Get the look:

Keep lengths in good condition with this repairing treatment.

7. The Mullet

It's not for the faint-hearted, but the mullet is one of the biggest hair trends right now. We love this medium length mullet with lots of layers to give movement.

This shorter mullet looks equally cool paired with a fringe.



Ok, so Rihanna can pull off any haircut, but we love this mullet energy in particular. 

Get the look:

Define layers with a matte pomade for a cool texture.

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