We Already Know the It Hairstyle That Will Define 2022

Recently, I noticed a hairstyle taking over among celebs and fashion insiders: the middle-part bun. Once I started seeing it, I couldn't unsee it and realized just how ubiquitous it was. Looking for a new way to wear my hair, I was interested in testing it out myself and picked up some tips when I stumbled upon a viral TikTok about the exact products celebrity hairstylist Irinel de León uses to pull off the look when working with Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner.

In the video, I learned that de León parts the hair in the middle and ties it into a ponytail in the center of the head before securing the hair into a twisted bun. She then applies a wax stick to combat flyaways and achieve a slicked-back look and uses a boar-bristle brush to smooth the hair. While every hair type and texture will require additional steps to style and prep the hair, these easy styling tips helped me achieve the middle-part-bun hairstyle—a new staple in my beauty routine. Ahead, I'm breaking down everything I used to style my hair. Then, see how celebs and fashion insiders are wearing the It hairstyle I'm predicting will define 2022.

How I'm Wearing It

The ease of this hairstyle made it an instant staple in my routine. As I've been getting into Pilates classes, it has become an easy way for me to style hair that isn't freshly cleaned and gives me more time between blowouts. Not only that, but I love that it lends a sleek, polished look that is perfect to wear now that I'm returning to the office again.


A good comb is the foundation for creating that precise middle parting.

As I mentioned, I watched a viral TikTok about how to pull off Bieber's and Jenner's slicked-back buns and this hair stick is such a game-changer and helps me lock down all of my flyaways.

The same goes for this boar-bristle brush – it's the best way to smooth down hair for a bun.

On Celebs

Middle-part bun hairstyle



Bieber is the queen of the middle-part bun, so you'll spot her wearing the hairstyle often.

This blow-dry cream will smooth your hair ready for a slick middle-part bun.

Take a styling note from Zoë Kravitz and leave some pieces undone in the front.

Keep things sleek and in place with a matte pomade.

Middle-part bun hairstyle



HoYeon Jung debuted a Y2K take on the hairstyle, leaving the bun untucked at the ends.

Silk hair ties cause less damage on the hair.

Middle-part bun hairstyle



The ultimate sleek, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley–approved hairstyle.

Boar bristle based brushed are designed to really smooth the hair.

On Insiders

Middle-part bun hairstyle



So polished.

Middle-part bun hairstyle



Try a low bun.

The middle part is really taking off right now.

Double up your slick bun with a hair mask treatment. Hair multitasking? We're into in.

Middle-part bun hairstyle



Wear it on an evening out.

Keep your middle part bun in check with this handy kit.

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