Trousers Are Trending—and These 9 Styles Look Seriously Cool

Trouser trends 2021: Beige trousers



A year at home has seen spikes in sales of jogging bottoms and loungewear with elastic waists. However, we have noticed that many are returning to proper trousers in an effort to leave "lockdown dressing" behind them. One of the key trends from the spring/summer 2021 collections was a more relaxed take on tailoring, with suit trousers reworked with loose silhouettes and comfortable fabrics. Designers like The Row and Louis Vuitton brought us suit trousers with slouchy, tailored fits, wide legs and high waistlines, typically cinched with a classic leather belt. It's a runway trend that quickly resonated with shoppers, as Moda Operandi notes in its Trunkshow report that "each of our top 10 best-selling pants for S/S 21 matched the casual, comfortable, wide-leg style, reminding us once again that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive." 

Trouser trends 2021: Beige trousers at Louis Vuitton


Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Numerous designers have played with this trouser shape. However, that isn't the only alternative to jogging bottoms, jeans and leggings being presented to us for spring and summer. We also love the elevated knitted trousers (preferably in cream or lighter hues), the return of khaki trousers (very Rachel Green) and the black trousers that are dominating new-in sections right now. We are all about having the classic building blocks in your wardrobe here at Who What Wear, such as a great pair of black trousers or suit bottoms, so it's worth paying attention to the gaps in your wardrobe when it comes to staple pieces. 

This spring, brands are also offering a more joyful approach to getting dressed, playing with bright colours and joyful prints, which is not only reflected in dress trends. Bright pink is the colour of 2021, so if you're looking for something to make a statement, you'll find lots of vibrant pink trousers.

Keep scrolling to see the nine trouser trends we really love for 2021 and beyond. 

1. Knitted or Elevated Loungewear

Trouser trends 2021: beige Mango jogging bottoms



Can you believe this pair is from Mango?

2. Vinyl or Leather

The perfect trousers to wear to the pub.

3. Beige

Trouser trends 2021: beige relaxed suit trousers



As explained above, slouchy beige trousers are having a moment right now. 

4. Khakis

If you're looking for casual trousers, these are a perfect alternative to jeans. 

5. Simple Black Suit Trousers

A pair of black trousers are the perfect base for a more statement top. 

6. Grey and Slouchy

Trouser trends 2021: grey slouchy suit trousers



If you're into the slouchy-suiting trend, we recommend going for a pair of loose-fitting grey trousers. 

7. Baggy Jeans

Trouser trends 2021: baggy jeans



Baggy jeans are having a moment right now thanks to designers like Balenciaga and Victoria Beckham. 

8. Pink

Trouser trends 2021: pink trousers



Pink is the colour of 2021, and we dare you not to smile at these bright trousers. 

9. Printed

Printed trousers with flip-flops and a simple T-shirt are perfect for holidays or staying at home. 

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